Specialist Manufacturing

Companies in this sector often local manufacturer some products, and importers of others. Products include paper, high value metal or chemical fabrications, fibres, electronics, packaging, and others.
Specialist manufacturing companies include:

  • Australian Manufacturing companies who monitor import competition and competition in other markets where they export. Dumping can also occur, and Australian companies need to monitor for this. Market segmentation to identify grades of product is also important as are exports to Australia statistics where these can identify export/importer or more specific product details.

  • Overseas Manufacturing Companies monitoring import competition into a target market. Their focus is on import statistics from the target market to monitor competition as well as export statistics into that market from countries where company or more detailed product information is available. An example, a USA company monitoring imports into the USA from Vietnam and India where TradeData supplies detailed export data that include exporter and importer details as well as specific product details.

TradeData has been working with Specialist manufacturing companies in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America for more than 25 years.

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