Importers, Exporters and Traders

These firms bring logistics expertise and function as a link between overseas suppliers and local buyers. They mostly deal in intermediate products supplying raw material inputs to manufacturing and other sectors. The service industries like chemicals, metals, food and beverage, plastics, textiles, oil and gas, construction, and others. They are sometimes large companies with locations in several countries.


They are technology-intensive work with TradeData covering hundreds and sometimes thousands of trade codes. Up-to-date information from TradeData is networked across the company so staff across the globe access up-to-date information to assist in their trade negotiations. They are particularly interested in assessing price and volume trends and, where possible, identifying companies involved in the trade.


Some TradeData clients in this sector are small, focusing on only one or two products and several countries. However, most clients are large, serving hundreds of products across many countries.

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