Chemicals HS codes

Industrial Chemical HS Codes

TradeData has many years of experience with analysing the complex schemes of Industrial Chemical HS Codes. We are familiar with HS code chemical categorisation and many of the companies that use these codes for import and export purposes.

Companies interested in international trade in chemicals who work with TradeData Include:

  • Multinational Manufacturing Companies who wish to monitor global trade patterns usually in a small number of products. Thus, combining export and import statistics from many countries into a single data set and supplied to their offices worldwide. Market segmentation to identify different grades of product is also important for these companies.
  • Australian Manufacturing companies monitoring import competition usually in a small number of products. Related to this are confidential statistics found in Australian imports of Chemicals. These firms are usually also interested in the New Zealand import market and looking for potential export opportunities in other nearby import markets.
  • Overseas Manufacturing Companies monitoring import competition into a target market. Their focus is on export statistics into that market from countries where company or more detailed product information is available. For example, a USA company monitoring imports into the USA from Vietnam and India where TradeData supplies detailed export data that include exporter and importer details as well as specific product details.
  • Trading Companies. They usually monitor volumes and prices for many chemical products, which assists them when searching for new trading opportunities or entering into trade negotiations.
    Overseas exporters monitoring the Australian/New Zealand markets where they export. They usually monitor a small number of products and monitor price and volume trends. Market segmentation can be important for these companies.
  • Stock Broking Research. Stockbrokers are interested in monitoring trade volumes and particularly prices when undertaking company research on major publicly listed chemical companies. This data on key input costs and output prices feed into their assessment of the future profitability of the companies in question.

There are thousands of Chemical HS codes and firms working with TradeData aim to obtain the maximum amount of commercial information available from these data. 

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