Agriculture and Food

Companies interested in international trade in Agriculture and food who work with TradeData Include:

  • Australian export companies monitoring competition in overseas markets in basic agriculture products and some value-added items like pet and animal feed. These companies mostly monitor import markets in countries throughout Asia and New Zealand. They are usually interested in a handful of countries’ import markets across a small number of codes. Where available, details of importers/exporter are valuable to them.
  • Australian Food Manufacturing companies work with TradeData to Monitor import competition in both Australia and New Zealand. Anti-Dumping assessment is important as are estimating confidential statistics and market segmentation to target specific products within a trade code. These companies are usually monitoring a small number of products in only a few markets.
  • Overseas exporters monitoring the Australian/New Zealand markets where they are exporting. They usually monitor a small number of products and monitor price and volumes in Australia and New Zealand. 
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