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Up to date Australian Export data – latest December 2022 = $AUD 52,448  million. In total, exports in 2022 were 39% higher than 2022

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Australian export data include

  • Year and month
  • Australian export codes
  • Countries of final destination
  • Ports of loading and discharge ands modes of transport
  • States of origin
  • Values (FOB), quantities and gross weights
  • Decades  of History


  • Import market share analysis
  • Monitor competitors and new entrants
  • Analyze price quantity relationships
  • Identify market segments
  • Identify seasonal patterns
  • Analyze shipment sizes


    Our clients range from

    Large scale Australian manufacturers/exporters to small and start-up firms

    Australian companies looking to export to Australia or overseas companies looking at what Australia exports

    University and other research institutions and consulting firms 



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    Since late 1994, TradeData has supplied Australian export data services to industry and government interested in using Australian export statistics. 

    Jim lang is the founder and Managing Director. Jim is a Senior Economist with more than 40 years experience in applied economic/statistics research and the provision of information services to firms, government, industry and development agencies.  The principal objective of TradeData is to supply the detailed international trade statistics from around the world to for clients to make BETTER BUSINESS DECISIONS“.

    TradeData has serviced the international trade statistics needs of hundreds of clients for more than 25 years.

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