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To Help Your Business Make Better Decisions

When You Need the Best Trade Information Advice

When You Need the Best Trade Information Advice
The principal objective of TradeData is to access the most detailed trade information possible from around the world and to analyse this information to enable clients to make “Better Business Decisions”.

The mainstay of the TradeData business is the supply of trade information mostly to manufacturing or similar companies.

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How We Help Businesses With Trade Information

Industries We Serve


Chemicals are inputs for manufacturing companies. Tradenet can provide additional trade intelligence which can affect supply & pricing.

Basic Metals

Basic metals include Iron and Steel, Aluminum, Copper, and other metals

Agriculture & Food

Companies interested in international trade in Agriculture and foo

Specialist Manufacturing

Companies in this sector often local manufacturer some products, and importers of others

Importers / Exporters

These firms bring logistics expertise and function as a link between overseas suppliers and local buyers.


Researchers can come from universities, government, finance, co-operative research institutes, economic development organizations, and elsewhere.

Case Studies

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Protect Your Business From Foreign Dumping

Protect your business, we can help detect dumping actions from your overseas competitors before it is too late.

Tracing Import Supply Costs

Not all HS data will tell you the full story until data is combined with external sources and then traced back. For Example : Your competitor from Vietnam maybe using a port in South Korean as the last port to import good to Australia. Without tracing back to the source may impact your pricing and marketing strategy.

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Case Study Image

Trade Codes & Segmentation

Australian import codes will sometimes include several products within a single import code. If the different products are distinctive in terms of their characteristics, a meaningful analysis needs to be undertaken to understand the import market.

Competitors restricting access to import statistics

It is often the case in Australia that competitors seek to restrict the release of import statistics to limit competitors assessing their activities.

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